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Hey Y’all.

Im currently sat listening to christian music because it calms me down. Ive been so stressed and anxiety provoked. I never realised how hard University was going to be. Deadlines here and there, messing up my pissing head!
Β It didnt help that I missed the bus and ended up being nearly two hours late. Obviously my teacher had something to say. “It pisses me off when my students turn up late” oi love, its STEAK AND BLOWJOB DAY! Go eat!

Mannn, me and stress don’t go well. I do lots of moaning and crying. I’m currently on tablets for my anxiety, thank you DR! Without them, i think my head would of fallen off by now. They’re a huge help!

Spending my day catching up with work, having a cuddle night with my boyfriend and eating shit. I can? Today’s been a big push but I can get through it with inner strength.

Also, I think my boyfriend thinks he’s gonna get lucky, steak and blowjob day and all? PPPPFFFFFTT. NO.

  1. Im a Vegatarian. NO MEATY LIPS THANKS.
  2. I am not in the mood for an elephants trunk in my mouth. Nope!

Sorry honey. xoxoxoxo

I dont even know the meaning of the day? WHY DO MEN GET STEAK AND BLOWJOBS? WOAH! This is shit, men don’t need this stuff. Girls go through child birth, periods and menopause. WE NEED A DAY. (Where we get free things and possibly presents) ;)

Anyhow, blogging out!

Have a nice night you dirty peeps! HAPPY S+BJ DAY. x x x

p e a c e <3

Im a barbie girl? | UNI PRESENTATION


As im studying Media,Tv and Film, our current module is ‘Media and Society’.

We put ourselves into groups, our task was to come up with a presentation in which a part of media affects the society we live in.

Myself and my group chose to study toys…mainly Barbie and her main hoes. Ive just sat down now to research the effects Barbie has on our generation and younger.

The Barbie doll that is currently being sold in toy shops is nothing like an ordinary human beings body shape. If Barbie was a real human being she’d be over 7ft and also have a waist as tiny as two hands put together.

I personally think that is horrendous. Our children grow up playing with dolls that are so unrealistic just like this one. I admit it, I grew up playing with Barbie dolls.
DID IT EFFECT ME? Who knows? The NHS and other mental health teams say that this doll has a big inpact on how children and teenagers view their own bodies and starts health issues such as eating disorders.
This doll inspires younger ones to want to be “just like her”. Starving themselves to get the perfect waist just so they can look like their favourite doll. Changing their fashion to high heels and skimpy short skirts just to impress and “fit in”.

One celebrity I admire for taking this situation on board is Demi Lovato! Wow to the ZER! She had a strong opinion on Barbie dolls. She made her own just to show people its okay to have curves, you don’t have to be tall and blonde. She is such an inspiration and I really hope the makers of barbie take on what shes stressed. GIVE BARBIE A BLOODY BUM!!!

Anyhow, short and sweet rant, suppose I should start typing some of my opinions on to this presentation for uni.

Nice having a rant with you guys! Leave comments and all that, the more help and ideas i have for this presentation, the better i guess?


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